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Dr. Sam Fecich

Grove City College
Professor of Education
Pennsylvania Area
Hi! I’m Sam Fecich a professor of education, author, speaker, podcaster, and a huge fan of pumpkin spice lattes (PSL)! Dr. Samantha Fecich is a professor of Education at Grove City College in Grove City, Pa. She is the author of the EduMagic series, titled “EduMagic a Guide for Preservice Teachers” and “EduMagic Shine on A Guide for New Teachers”. Dr. Fecich is also the host of the EduMagic Podcast and an educational speaker, specializing in topics related to student teaching, educational technology, and digital presence. Hi, I'm Dr. Sam Fecich and I am here to tell you that teaching doesn't begin when you walk across the stage at graduation, but instead teaching begins during your first college class at 8:00 AM. I have been a professor of education for over 7 years. I'm fueled by pumpkin spice lattes and a passion for raising up the next generation of teachers to become educators of excellence with EduMagic ✨